Shirts and Thongs just arrived!!!!!!!!!

 TODDS GUNS t-shirts just came in this morning. For right now, they are in black with white lettering and grey with black lettering in adult sizes. I only have them in grey for the kid sizes. Additionally, I have red and black thongs with the “TODDS GUNS” crosshair.

Kids t-shirt front and back

Adult grey t-shirt front


Adult t-shirt back. Grey color

Front logo on t-shirt

Back logo on t-shirt

Adult t-shirt black

Adult t-shirt black

Thongs in red and black

Close up of the logo

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Golf Outing

This Sunday July 31st is a 4-man golf scramble at Cherrywood golf course. Shotgun start at 5 pm. Cost is 50.00 per man which includes 9 holes plus cart, steak dinner and prizes. This golf outing is being put on by PLATINUM SHOWGIRLS where the dinner will be served afterwards. I have sponsored a hole and will be golfing myself. Call Donnie Thomas at 419-476-6640 for more information or to reserve a spot. It WILL be a good time!!!!!!!!!

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Panty Raid Car Show

This Saturday will be a car show at Parmelee Park in Lambertville Michigan. The show is running all day Saturday and into Sunday. This car show is being put on by the Piston Jammers car club. We will have a table set up to sell raffle tickets for the Barrett 99A1 that is being raffled off at the end of August. In addition, we hope to have our “TODDS GUNS” t-shirts and thongs by this time. If they come in, we will have them for sale.

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Ruger LC9’s and SR40C’s

Ruger LC9’s and SR40C’s will be in this week. Stop in if you are looking for either of these.

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Barrett M99A1 Raffle

We are still selling tickets for the Barrett M99A1 single shot bolt action 50 BMG that will be raffled. The drawing is going to be held at the Monre Multi Sports Complex tentatively August 25th. (We want to do the drawing during a home hockey game). Tickets are $5.00 each and you do not have to be present to win.

Barrett M99A1

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BodyGuard 380’s In Stock!!!

As of 06-14-11 I have 03 Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380’s in stock for $360.00 each. Call or stop in if you are looking for one.

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380

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Bullet Proof Glass

On Sunday the 29th I was shooting at Bullet proof glass with a couple of friends of mine. This is the same glass that is used in Lenko Bearcats (the SWAT team vehicles) and brinks armored trucks. In addition, this is used in our vehicles overseas. The ammunition we shot was “off the shelf ammo” none of it was armor piercing. The following rounds went through the glass like it was butter: Smith and Wesson 500, Beowulf 50, 7.62×39 and 308 Win. The only calibers the glass stopped was 223 and Desert Eagle 50 AE. To finish the day off, we shot what was left with my Barrett 50 BMG just for the hell of it. Obviously it went right through it. All in all it was just a good day shooting.

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New Guns

I just got in a Colt Rail Gun and a Colt Government model. These are both 22 LR caliber made by Umarex. I have the Rail Gun in my personal collection and recommend it highly.

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Barrett .50 BMG Model 99A1 Raffle

TODDS Guns will be raffling a Barrett .50 BMG Model 99A1

This is just a sample image and does not represent the exact gun being raffled off.

Drawing Date: 3 Months (will be sometime in August) or 3000 Tickets Sold

Drawing Location: Monroe Multi Sports Complex

Tickets: $5.00 each

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase tickets

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Free Osama Bin Laden Target

To celebrate our newly launched website, we are giving away Osama Bin Laden shooting targets.  All you need to do is come into TODDS Guns and tell us you saw this post on our website and you will get a Free Osama Bin Laden shooting target.

We have a limited supply of these targets so once they’re gone, they’re gone… hurry in.

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